Milan – A Rescued Dog

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Welcome, Milan!

We found out about Milan via social media. She had been confiscated by San Bernardino City animal control and was held as evidence in an animal cruelty case for neglect. Since she was considered evidence, Milan could not be released from animal control until the court case was finalized. Due to the high volume of animals San Bernardino animal control intakes, Milan would have 24-48 hrs to safely exit the shelter system. We watched and waited patiently for three weeks, and finally, she could be released to a rescue group. Hearing about her loving personality, we knew she had to be the first official save of The Rescued Dog!

When first meeting Milan, her state of malnourishment was very evident: only 39 lbs with ribs, vertebrae, and hip bones all protruding. However, her pleasant personality and eagerness to please people demonstrated that she was not mentally affected by her past mistreatment. Her resilience is a testament to the true boxer breed.

Milan has come with her fair share of medical ailments: malnourishment, thin fur, dry flaky skin, canine tooth missing, giardia, and yeast infections. Our vet believes that at only 1 year old, Milan had a litter of pups only a week or two prior to being confiscated by animal control. Sadly, her pups were nowhere to be found.

Since becoming a Rescued Dog….

Milan has gained 6 lbs and is thoroughly enjoying three bowls of The Honest Kitchen each day. She enjoys the company of her canine foster siblings and enjoys playing with dogs both big and small. Milan is currently being house trained, learning basic obedience, and gaining confidence out in the world. Milan will be ready for adoption in March and will make a great addition to any family!

Ashley Corrigan
Co-Founder of The Rescued Dog