We understand many people would prefer to adopt a dog rather than purchase one from a store or breeder, but the task of finding that perfect purebred dog can be daunting. Our local and regional shelters are filled with purebred dogs, unique mixes, and designer breeds of all ages and sizes patiently waiting for their forever home. However, finding that perfect match can be a difficult task when searching through the many high-kill shelters in Southern California. Combined with communicable diseases, unknown health history and temperaments, finding your perfect match can be a bit difficult.
Let The Rescued Dog do the work for you! Our Mutt Match program helps you search for your perfect Rescued Dog. Give us information on the type of dog you wish to adopt, and our volunteers will be on the lookout for your dog in shelters across Southern California. Once we find your match, the dog becomes a Rescued Dog. He or she will be placed in a foster home for a minimum of 1-2 weeks, there the dog will be fully vetted and his or her temperament will be assessed to ensure the dog is a right match for your family.