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 . Rikki .
 . Rikki .  . Rikki .  . Rikki .
  • Catahoula Leopard Dog, Shepherd
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
Rikki came to us on a Wings of Rescue flight from Louisiana after the recent hurricanes there. She is about 7 months old as of November 2017 and weighs about 38 pounds. She is sweet and friendly, playful with other dogs, and adoring of people. True to her nature as a Catahoula Leopard dog (bred to herd cattle), she has lots of energy and is always looking for a job to do! She is crate trained and will happily enter her crate for a treat, but when she comes out, it is time to run and play! She loves romping in the backyard with the two other dogs in her home. Rikki would love to find a family who will take her for runs or hikes, and give her lots of opportunities to play. Her foster dad takes her for a daily 2-mile walk and takes her to the dog park two or three times a week. She is potty trained, and knows a few commands, including “sit” and responding to her name when called. She is intelligent and ambitious and learns commands and routines quickly. If you would like to meet this fun, energetic girl, please fill out an application on the TRD website and an adoption coordinator will be in touch with you.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Dakota .
 . Dakota .  . Dakota .  . Dakota .
  • German Shepherd Dog, Hound
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
Calling all tripod fans! Introducing Dakota, an 11-month-old shepherd mix who came to TRD on a Wings of Rescue flight from the hurricane affected areas of Louisiana. She weighs about 25 pounds and may put on a few more pounds, but is essentially full grown as of November 2017. Despite the not so ideal beginning to her story, Dakota is now living the good life with her foster family in sunny San Diego. In a few short weeks since her arrival, Dakota has realized that she is safe now and has blossomed into a happy and goofy puppy. She loves to play with chewy toys like Kong and Nylabone. At other times, she enjoys a good game with her favorite ball. She likes to exercise her abundant puppy energy by playing in the yard and going on leash walks in the neighborhood. Missing one of her legs (we are not sure how that happened, as she came to TRD as a tripod) does not seem to slow this girl down at all! Dakota has endless energy--she will be a good fit for an active family who can take her on leashed walks and runs everyday. In the long run, Dakota has the potential to be a great hiking partner. According to her foster mom, she is a total people pleaser, which makes her an easy puppy to train and to teach tricks. She is also very smart (a little too smart at times) and picks up training quickly. She has already picked up basic commands like Sit, Down, Shake, and Name Recall. With her overcharged puppy brain, she sometimes forgets her training lessons and needs continual reinforcement. Her adopters will be expected to continue her training to turn this puppy into an outstanding member of the doggo community. Dakota is fully crate trained and house trained. She is working on some dog reactivity. She sometimes doesn't understand other dogs' play postures, and she needs slow introductions to new dogs, but she does live with two dogs so it is definitely possible to integrate Dakota into a pack with proper introductions. She has been great with kids and adults that she meets. When she first moved in with her foster family, she occassionaly chewed on inappropriate things around the house, but she has shown great improvement with this and now almost always chooses appropriate toys to chew on, which is a testament to her highly trainable nature. Overall, Dakota is a sweet dog who will definitely bring a ton of happiness along with a a few teaspoons of energy and adventure into your home. Her days has an abandoned puppy are long behind her and she is ready to be with her furever family. If you would like to meet Dakota, please fill out an adoption application on the TRD website and an adoption coordinator will be in touch to schedule a meet and greet.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Ryder .
 . Ryder .  . Ryder .  . Ryder .
  • Carolina Dog, Shepherd
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Prefers home without cats
Are you looking for a fun and active friend to join you on all of life's adventures? Meet Ryder, a handsome shepherd mix who came to TRD from Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey. Ryder is ready for any outing you have in mind. Whether you enjoy walks, runs, hikes, or trips to the beach, this guy is ready to go! Ryder loves running and playing at the dog park and enjoys greeting all the humans there too. People frequently comment how happy he is. Ryder has a lot of energy, but he is a sweet and impressionable guy who is primed and ready for training. He has responded very well so far to the patient instruction he has received in his foster home, and would love to learn more. Ryder has learned sit, stay, down, and place recently. He is a very smart dog and learns very quickly. Ryder has mastered his house training and is working on his crate training. Ryder is 1 year old as of October 2017, and weighs in at around 30 pounds. He is a handsome, slender, and sporty dude looking for someone who will enjoy some activity, and plenty of snuggle time when the action is done! This sweet guy is definitely a diamond in the "ruff" and has tons of potential to be a great companion. Ryder enjoys the company of other dogs, but we believe he will be best as the only dog in the home. Because of his exuberance, Ryder would be best in a home with older children or adults only. Ryder is not cat friendly. If you would like to meet Ryder, please fill out an adoption application on the TRD website and an adoption coordinator will be in touch to schedule a meet and greet.
Young, Male, Medium
 . Ed Hanson .
 . Ed Hanson .  . Ed Hanson .  . Ed Hanson .
  • Border Collie, Labrador Retriever
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without small kids
Ed, at 3.5 years old and 35 lbs, is a high-energy, fun loving border collie mix. Ed joined The Rescued Dog back in 2014, as a 6 month old pup, after being rescued with his family from a high-kill-shelter. He was soon adopted, but unfortunately returned 2 years later when his family separated. Ed is finally ready to find his FOREVER home. Like most border collies, Ed has a high play-drive and is a focused retriever. His favorite three words are, "Find your ball!". The phrase will send Ed off on a scavenger hunt until he returns with a ball, or two to play with. Ed, being part border collie, would excel at agility, flyball, freestyle, or frisbee. As expected, Ed is smart as a whip and loves to be rewarded with toys after training. Ed loves learning new tricks and one of his favorite tricks is jumping from the floor into his handler's arms! While he has lots of energy, Ed likes to stick close to his person and returns with just a call of his name. He is good with people when properly introduced and gets along well with the other household dogs. Ed would prefer a quiet home (not too many people coming in and out) or maybe a home with land to work. Ed is a VERY high energy pup, he will do best in an active home, with frequent trips to fiesta island, dog parks, or with a running/hiking partner. Just as he needs physical exercise, Ed needs mental stimulation too! Ed will do best in a home with breed knowledge, or with someone looking for a sport dog. If you are looking for an active pup ready for a home of his own, please visit TRD's website and fill out an adoption application today to meet Ed! www.therescueddog.org
Adult, Male, Medium